Autobody Repair and Spray ZMW 7’500-12’500 Call:0965222208

Has your car been in an acident, or just has faded paint and battle scars and scratches.
Don’t put up with a poor one coat paint job from the street. Your car deserves better.
At Car and Car Conversions in Makeni we offer a truly professional auto body repair and re spray service.but at a very affordable rate.
We give your car 9 coats of paint, each one rubbed down in between aplicants on, we strip the car and take great care in masking properly before any paint is applied, we always rub down all the old paint, not often done, thus causing paint to peel of after a few months.
A small car costs just k 7500, a suv k 8500 and a large land cruiser type just k 12,500 for a complete re spray

Price : 7500 – 12,500

Contact Numbers : 0965 222208

Name of Supplier : ‎Julian Morris‎

Xbox 360 ZMW 900-3’200 Call:+260976730660

[XBOX 360 160GB Slim Model, 1 x original controllers, all cables, HDMI cable, 8 x 360 Games, Freestyle]
Games are:
Fifa 18
Grand Theft Auto V
Mortal Kombat complete edition
Need for speed rivals
Call of duty advanced warefare
WWE 2K16
Far Cry
[Sony Playstation 4 SLIM]
PS4 Console with 2 games
FIFA 17 and Metal gear solid 5
500GB HD
1 x Wireless Controller
Power and HDMI Cable
Charging Cable
The console is in good condition and working 100%.
[Sony PS2 console with all cables, 2 x controllers, 8Mb Memory Card plus 8 Free games. In very good condition.
Selling at K700]
For all your affordable Gadgets such as
Laptops|| Desktops|| Monitors|| CPU alone
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Selling my Nintendo wii comes with the following
X2 remotes
X2 controllers
X1 Num chuck
X1 console
Comes Chipped with 5 games
Selling at K900
For Gamers we have all types of consoles
PS4||PS3||Xbox one ||Xbox360||Nitendo Wii.
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& ALL Gaming Machines upgrade & accessories
Free Delivery through out Lusaka:

Price : k900 – K3,200

Contact Numbers : +260976730660

Name of Supplier : Zed affordable gadgets