How To Upload Product

Having successfully logged onto, sign into your account by clicking on the “Login/Register” tab at the top right-hand-side of your screen. Once logged into your account follow these steps to post a new item to your Tigule store;

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow beside your avatar at the top right-hand-side of your screen
  • Next select “Add Product/Service” option
  • Next a “Products” window will pop up
  • Here click on “Add New
  • Next a new “Add Product” window will pop up…

Here you will be required to fill in the following fields;

  • Product Title (Note That this is the name that will be displayed as your products name)
  • Price (ZK)
  • Categories (Type in the first letter of your products category then select the appropriate one from the automatically generated list. Note that depending on your item, you may need to include a sub-category)
  • Brand (Type in a unique tag for your item or select from the frequently used tags by clicking on the link below the blank field.)
  • Upload a image of the product or service. If you have more than one image, upload your desired main image to the big image box and the others to the smaller box with the (+) sign next to it.
  • Select and set Catalogue Visibility from the drop-down list
  • You may type the product or service’s additional details in the description in the field
  • Scroll down and add the product/service’s additional attribute in the provided fields
  • Activate each attribute you wish to add to your product/service listing by clicking the little check-box beside it.
  • Once all desired attributes have been activated, click SUBMIT FOR REVIEW tab at the bottom to complete your product/service upload process.

N.B – If for some reason you are unable to complete the product/service upload process, you may click on DRAFT to save your current progress. Once saved, you can come back later and continue the process from this point.

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